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For communities

We recommend that each community facility prepare and ensure the safety of their employees.

A "community facility" is a place where several people can come together for a longer period of time (with the exception of families). Examples are schools, companies, supermarkets, hospitals, cultural centres, sports centres, day care centres, ... 

Be ready:

  • Inform yourself about nuclear risks and proper reactions in case of a nuclear accident
  • Keep your internal emergency plan up-to-date and organize regular drills 
  • Sign up for BE-Alert. This way you will be immediately informed in case of an emergency situation.
  • Follow the social media channels of your municipality, governor, or the Crisis Centre.

Are you responsible for a community facility in a municipality less than 20 km from a nuclear site (10 km for the IRE Fleurus)? Then we advise you to have a stock of stable iodine tablets to optimally protect yourself, your staff and any customers / visitors.

Are you responsible for a community facility with children (e.g. day care centres, nurseries, kindergarten, primary or secondary schools) outside these of 20-km or 10-km zones? Then we also advise you to take this measure out of precaution.  

Collect iodine tablets from the pharmacist

Are you responsible for a community facility within a nuclear emergency planning zone or a community facility in the rest of the country where (small) children are present? 

  • Check whether your organization still has iodine tablets.  Does the production date of the boxes date from 2011 or 2010? Then, in principle, the tablets have a shelf life of at least until 18 April 2024. However, as a precaution, to avoid a possible reduction in the efficacy of the tablets, we recommend exchanging them for new tablets at your pharmacy free of charge.  
  • Use the online module to determine the number of boxes of iodine tablets for your institution
  • Visit a pharmacy nearby
  • Take your identity card with you
  • Based on the calculation via the calculator or based on your own calculation, your pharmacist will give you a supply of boxes (one box per 4 people)
  • Keep these boxes inside your community facility, just like any other medicine, in a place that everyone knows.