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Pre-distribution of stable iodine tablets - Help form

Which organisation needs to have iodine tablets at its disposal? How many boxes?

In accordance with the national nuclear emergency plan, stable iodine tablets are put at disposal in all pharmacies of the country for free, by way of precaution.

The pre-distribution of these tablets is primarily aimed at all inhabitants and organisation of the nuclear emergency planning zones: within 20 km around the nuclear installations of Doel, Tihange, Mol-Dessel, Chooz (FR), Borssele (NL) and within 10 km around the IRE in Fleurus.

Particular attention is given to the protection of the most vulnerable groups of the population on the entire Belgian territory: children (under the age of 18 years) as well as pregnant or breast-feeding women. It is thus recommended to individuals that belong to one of these three vulnerable groups or persons responsible for an organisation with children to have stable iodine tablets at their disposal by way of precaution.

To find out whether your organisation should have such tablets at their disposal, fill in the help form below.

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