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Emergency plan drills

In order to prepare optimally, governments and services regularly organize drills. This training policy is an integral part of the emergency planning. By taking part in drills, all participating authorities become familiar with their emergency plans and operational procedures and can possibly improve them

To test the nuclear emergency plan, there are at least three drills per year. With the help of a drill methodology and a training calendar, the authorities regularly subject the various nuclear and radiological sites in Belgium to a test of their emergency procedures. They also check whether neighbouring countries can participate in Belgian exercises, or vice versa.  

Alarm tests

The channels to inform the population are tested regularly as well. Every first Thursday of the month there is a test of BE-Alert, in which the Crisis Centre, the provincial governors and municipalities participate. 

During the BE-Alert test, governments practice their procedures and the technical operation of the system. Moreover, they encourage their own residents to register on www.be-alert.be. The more registrations there are, the more effective BE-Alert can be used. Register now to keep yourself informed of an emergency situation in your neighbourhood.