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Prevention: safety & security

The authorities and the operators of nuclear sites ensure daily safety on all aspects (safety and security) so that the risks are kept to a minimum.

They follow strict safety regulations, conduct regular inspections and safety audits, permanently monitor radioactivity in the air and water thanks to the Telerad monitoring network, and more.

In the first place,  of course, the operators of nuclear and radiological sites are responsible for safety. They draw up an internal safety policy, take adequate preventive measures in function of the risks of their facility and also monitor the protection of their employees (safety).

In addition, they also take various specific protective actions to protect the site. The nuclear sector is a high-security sector. Persons who need access to sensitive information, radioactive material or certain areas of a nuclear installation are pre-screened to ensure their reliability (security).

In cooperation with Bel V and other recognized institutions, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) is responsible for the supervision, monitoring and inspections related to Belgian nuclear installations. Despite all safety regulations, a nuclear accident can never be completely ruled out, even if the risk is small. The government, operators and intervention services therefore draw up contingency plans, which they regularly practice. This way they can respond quickly and efficiently should something happen.