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Warning and protecting the population

In the event of an emergency situation at a nuclear site, the government will notify the resident population through various channels:

  • BE-Alert. Would you like to be immediately notified in case of an emergency situation? Register on BE-Alert to receive a message via text message, telephone or e-mail.
  • Radio vans from the police, driving around the streets.
  • Social media (e.g. CrisiscenterBE)
  • Radio and TV
  • website of the National Crisis Center or your municipality

Protection measures

In case of a nuclear accident, there are four important protective measures. Based on specific equipment and knowledge to detect contamination, the government will communicate the necessary protection measures:

  1. Taking shelter. The most effective way to protect yourself in a nuclear incident is sheltering.
  2. Iodine tablets. Stable iodine ensures that the thyroid gland is saturated and can no longer absorb radioactive iodine in your body.
  3. Evacuation. Exceptionally, inhabitants of the zones where (the risk of) radiological exposure is unacceptable will have to evacuate. 
  4. Measures to protect the food chain. These measures can relate to both professional farms (to protect livestock, grains, fruit or vegetables) and people, for example, with their own vegetable garden. They must avoid any internal contamination caused by eating contaminated food.