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In a nuclear emergency, taking shelter is the best way to protect yourself. This way you prevent irradiation and contamination. 

  1. Stay inside or enter the nearest building. Stay inside until you are informed that the situation is safe again. 
  2. Close all windows, doors and switch off all ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Preferably take place in a central room, on the ground floor. Walls and ceilings offer better protection than windows. Close the supply of outside air from your chimney. 
  3. Listen to the recommendations of the government. Stay informed about the right measures via radio, TV, official websites and social media. 

Also note:

  • Do not make unnecessary phone calls. Overloading the network can disrupt emergency services.
  • Leave your children at school. They will follow the same recommendations. 
  • Bring your pets inside. 

In the car

  • If you are close to your home, workplace or public building, go straight in. Follow the same recommendations as above. 
  • If you can’t enter the nearest building, park your vehicle in a safe place or follow a route perpendicular to the wind direction. 
  • Stop the engine, close the windows and switch the air conditioning off to prevent outside air from entering your vehicle. 
  • Listen to the radio to follow the recommendations of the authorities 
  • Stay where you are until the authorities give you permission to leave again. Take traffic into account (detours, closed roads...): follow the instructions of the police.