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Nuclear emergency plan

Since 1991 Belgium has a national emergency plan for the management of nuclear and radiological accidents.


The nuclear emergency plan describes among other things:

The national nuclear emergency plan is a legal framework for all partners involved. The various (national and local) authorities and emergency services make this plan operational by means of their own procedures, for example fire-fighting scenarios by the fire brigades, traffic circulation plan by the police forces, medical intervention plan, etc.


After open consultation with all the (inter)national partners involved, along with the representatives of the civil society, this nuclear and radiological emergency plan for the Belgian territory was updated in 2003 and 2018. This adjustment is based on different elements: 

  • the evolution of emergency planning and crisis management;
  • the conclusions of the realized exercises and projects;
  • lessons learned from real incidents (Fleurus 2008, Fukushima 2011);
  • expert advice on this matter (AIEA, European Commission, Superior Health Council); 
  • the feedback from citizens (e.g. collected during a discussion panel).